Welcome To

Sir Lock Homes

All cities hide secrets, urban legends and mysteries. They can be revealed to you, all you have to do is be ready for an adventure.

Well are you?

Think, run, act, decide, discover the clues and find the answers. Don’t be afraid! Don’t hesitate! You only have one hour. Or else, darkness will find you forever…

In Nestled building in Misir Apartments, one of the most historic and exclusive in the heart of Istanbul lies a secret place of mystery and enigma. Climb to the penthouse and lose yourself in a world full of thrill and secrecy.

Six elaborate riddle stories are waiting for you to discover them. Get your group of agents and dive into mystery.

But, beware! Sir Lock Homes are not the escape rooms you would expect. Forget everything you know and use your instinct. Stay alert. What may seem easy, will fool you in no time.

Sir Lock Homes is not just a game. It’s an experience.